Helping Children With Autism Focus on the World Around Them — COVD Supports Autism Awareness Month

Vision skills (there are 17 of them, by the way, with eysesight being only one of them) are the doors to learning! Inaccurate information coming in through the eyes = inaccurate information produced through the body and mind. Important information, as always, in this Vision Help Blog post.


a81d2f00d8fcc0e7_800x800arFor parents of children with Autism, it is a never ending quest to sort through all the different therapies that are available to help improve quality of life for those on the spectrum. For Autism Awareness Month, the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) is bringing awareness to the availability of optometric vision therapy and how it can positively impact those on the spectrum.
“I was always told my son, Cass (who was diagnosed with high functioning Autism in January 2014 when he was 9 years old) could see 20/20, so I didn’t even think that his vision could be contributing to his reading problems,” Penelope Massagee of Charleston, SC, shares; “You can imagine my surprise when I found out he was seeing double and that words looked like they were moving on the page. He must have thought it was normal, because he never complained!”
It is a…

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One response to “Helping Children With Autism Focus on the World Around Them — COVD Supports Autism Awareness Month

  1. kategladstone

    I’m an adult with autism. Our experience is that we focus _more_ on the physical world than do people without autism. For more on that, Google “the Hyposocial Human”: the home of a terrific blog on the experiences of adults with autism and Asperger’s (it started as an Aspie blog, but grew wider.)

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